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>> california chill now being felt on the produce isles. >> looking live across the bay n.for another night in the 30's and below. it is cold. good evening i'm dan. >> i'm carolyn. it's becoming all too familiar pattern with freezing and photojournalist warnings in effect again tonight. >> spencer is here with the
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latest from the weather center. >> leif doppler 7 hd absence of clouds so clear night but soon another cold one. we have freezing warnings in effect for virtually the entire north bay. east by antior valley and the santa clare valley and temperatures will drop into the mid 20's in the coldest location freeze warning in effect from 2 to 9 am. also have a frost advisory in effect for the area there in the lighter pailer color around the bayshore line and 2:00 a.m. to "newsnight"am low pressure there in the low to mid 30's. obviously one of the coldest tonight's of the season so far. close-up lack how cold it is where you are in just a few minutes. >> thanks very much. >> california deep freeze mru mruning citrus dwrors into pap ick. also putting a strain on local supermarkets and their customers. we are live if san francisco with the story tonight. >>reporter: another night of freezing temperatures and all of news the bay area are feeling it. you know the next time we step into a supermarket
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we may feel the chill too because the price in quality of citrus may a little frost bitten. stocking up on oranges here. a lot of them. nearly 12 pounds worth. >> a elevate ovrjts fresh orange juice. >>reporter: 5 day of freezing temperatures across california could put the squeeze on jane favorite citrus and leave crops danged. >> i hope it don't change the quality of the produce. like here the produce is extremely, very, very good. i hate to see it change. >>reporter: manager fears the cold could mean higher citrus praises. >> it's like the stock market. changes every day so we are at the mercy of the wholesalers and go down every morning and get it. >>reporter: central valley has been a battle to keep orchard from freezing. citrus freeze can only last a few hours below 28 degrees. but for other crops lake lettuce, the damage has already been done. frost damage is evidence. price cost
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can you believe nationwide within days. the price at this market is already more than 2 dollars a bunch for red leaf lettuce. another night of covering delicate plants at this garden in san francisco. experts say the freeze may harm succulent but not kill them. >> allow that plant to sit there for the rest of the cold season not to prune it because the dead material on the plant will actually insulate from it any future frost. >> 30 pet of ice. >>reporter: freezing temperature created rare black ice in the oakland berkeley hills causing spend out and nearly a dozen crashes this morning. highway patrol says no serious injuries reported. he highway patrol says during the cold snap keep an eye on wet patches in the road they could be frozen solid. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> major admission by cyclist lance armstrong after years of denial he reportedly confessed
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to doping to oprah winfrey. what happens next. can his image ever be rebuilt. sports director larry biel more with this. >> if it can it will take year years. he denied using performance enhances drug and attacked the credibility of anybody who dead to question him apwt about it. today the abrupt reviersal admitting he did in fact cheat. he won the tour de france 7 times. title all taken away because of an investigation by the u.s. anti-dopeing agency that quoted many of lance former team mates who said they all helped him cheat. lance finally came clean to return to racing is the guess it's on bike or avid runner as well. crisis p.r. manager singer says one time apology will not get it done. >> biggest test for him is going to be how well he apologizes. how many times he apologize. and i think most of all will be apologize to go
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people who he got involved in the fight against cancer who really put a lot of faith in him and writ let them down. >>reporter: armstrong has raised millions for cancer research through his life strong foundation. tonight on twitter i asked people for their opinions about lance armstrong. p a simon tweeted good cause. but he's still a fraud. another view. while his head got caught newspaper winning at league his heart was in the right place. his admittance redeems him. armstrong admission may help lift the life time racing ban currently facing but now also opens up to lawsuits from former sponsors as well as team mates. we can be talking millions and millions of dollars here. armstrong interview with oprah will air thursday on oprah network. fast tonight to go watch. >> really will be thank you larry. >> all right. moving on. san mateo owners of convenience store have just lost a fight to keep their new business open. neighbors fighting to shut it down. it's a 7-eleven store located at north san mateo
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drive and east bell view avenu avenue. allen is live in san mateo where the city council has been decide what to do tonight. allen. >> that decision or all started after a city attorney reversed the decision of the previous city attorney and gave 7-11 the right to operate in that neighborhood. now the city has voted unanimously to revoke 7-11 permit and ultimately go head to head with that corporate giant in a legal battle. >> i love it. it's quite convenient. a lot of the little stores we have around here are closed by 8:00 o'clock in the evening. >>reporter: despite approval of some, organized group of san mateo neighbor say this 7-eleven store was ill legally allowed to move into a former deli at the corner of north san mateo dry and east bell view avenue. >> it's a quiet sleepy also neighborhood. look at the fol folks across the street. apartment building they have to look at the lights all fate long. >>reporter: neighbor cooit the city code saying the commercial
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zoning use expired because the building was vacant for more than 6 months. now they weren't it rezoned as residential. the city already issued a permit to 7-11 and it has been operating for more than two week. >> can't put the milk back in the bottle. >>reporter: attorney for 7-11 say the company will lose 8 million dollars and decision to revoke the permit would force to it take legal action against the city. >> it will violate the law. it will violate the constitutional rights of the property owner. >>reporter: if the attorney for the neighbors accused 7-11 of bullying the city into reversing its decision. >> property owner and tenant 7-11 either decided to take a calculate the business risk or simply failed to do their proper due diligence before purchasing the property and entering into a long-term leas lease. >>reporter: again city council voted unanimously to revoke 7-11 permit to do business her here. mayor david lynn told me that even though the city legal team made a mistake, the city
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should do what is right even if it means fighting 7-11 in court. reporting live in san mateo, abc 7 news. new at 11:00 body has been found in the trunk of a car just off the campus of sonoma state university. car was parked in no parking zone on petaluma hill road in rohnert park. investigators say the car is connected to a crime committed friday in santa rosa. they will thought say what crime though. death is considered suspicious although investigators have not revealed the cause. oakland city leaders responded to outbreak of violence. since friday there have been 9 shootings in which 4 people were killed and 11 others injured. police made one arrest and have a warrant for a second suspect. at news conference today police chief howard jordan said much of the violence the city has seen in the past 6 months can be connected to just 2 groups. and when jordan found evidence connecting them to one of the shoot thtion weekend, he said he did something medley. >> took swift immediate action
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by reassigning officers to some 80's that we thought retaliation would likely occur. >>reporter: council member galo said he will push the city council to give police more resources the and that include a curfew or stop and frisk law which has been controversial. campus police captured one of 2 men accused of committing anti-gay crime at uc berkeley. 23-year-old garcia and second man spray pantyed anti-gay graffiti on 2 campus buildings around 10:30 saturday night. police still looking for second suspect who ran from the scene described as hispanic male with first name of chris about 6 foot 2 weighing 200 pound. >> new at 11:00. animal control officials in contra costa county are lacking for the person who shot a cat with an arrow. we are told kfc will survive. he was in the barn on owner property when someone struck him with the arrow. lafayette animal hospital manageed to save the cat. they
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pulled arrow from him. we are told kfc should be out of the hospital tomorrow. >> more to come. pharmacy running short of the flu vaccine at terrible time. up next. why the rush to get vaccinated may require some patience. >> also. only on 7 news. east bay couple turn to the stopping of delivering mail. iq and pot. what researchers say about people who smoke mile an hour juan as teens. >> then later on kimmel live. >> music from one republican bachelor shaun lowe and ellen is here to discuss her big golden globe win. >> i didn't win a golden gloychbility you did than the? well it's an honor just to be nominated. >> i went nominated. >> i guess we have nothing to talk about. >> they will find
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it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. have. >> high key mapped for the flu vaccine state wide causing some clinic to run out but state
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health officials say there is enough supply to meet demand no shortage but some clinic and pharmacy don't have enough in stock but it exists. new shipment expected this week. flu outbreak in most states is prompting a rush for the shots. california flu season may not peek for several more week so everyone is encouraged to get vaccinated notch east bay woman complaining that arbitrary inflection i believe rules kept her from getting her mail for 2 weeks. until our reporter laura anthony got involved. story only on 7 news. >> had to bend down it was inconvenient. >>reporter: donna says it was a matter of convenience and good faith evident to replace mailbox that was rusty and falling off the wall. >> i thought the post office carrier would enjoy not to haven't so low so we pick a plate good for both of us. >>reporter: leaving this note open her box saying the move
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was against post office policy without permission and if it wasn't put back in 7 day delivery would hold which it did december 26. >> who would be in that position. >>reporter: the boy friend moved the old box represented by the shoe box and installed the new one exactly 24 inches up and to the left. do you think they overreacted. >> totally because i don't think it takes any more time to drop it in the new box location than it did the old box location. >> one more step maybe. >> maybe, maybe notch called the post office and man on the line was a very angry with me and kept hollering and telling me it was against the rules. said it was efficiency issue and would it take her long tore put tonight this box than that box. >>reporter: even submitted a legalityer asking for retroactive permission to keep the box in its new spot but never heard back from the post office. until today. after we called today the mail showed u
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up. >> yes, it did. thank you. we are hoping it will show up tomorrow, too. >>reporter: u.s. postal service didn't want to respond to the best situation to mail a mailbox without permission. a is abc ends well. >> marijuana may not lead to long-term drop inism iq. it's suggested marijuana may harmful to the adolescent brain. it showed a drop inism q stores. renal situations shows it might be due to socio-economic published by the proceedings of national academy of science. crisp clear chilly night around the bay year. it is indeed. city hall lit up and 49ers red gold show ofupport for the team. big nfc championship
12:18 am
weekend this well also sporting the red goldim. spenceis in for sandhya tonight with the forecast. >> crisp. makes you seem not quite so cold but it's cold. here's look at life doppler 7 hd. temperatures plummeting coping in 31 apartment below. 34 santa rosa 36 at fairfield. 33 at livermore. temperatures dropping all around the bay area one of the coldest nights of the season. and two hour temperature change rather striking if someplaces 90 degrees colder at this in our than this 11 degrees colder right now in napa 5 degrees colder santa rosa and fairfield and 6 degrees cold interoakland. this is going to be a colder night over all than we had last nature. very cold over nature with freeze warning foster i'm happy to say will
12:19 am
start to build in around the week. 26 in napa santa rosa and fairfield. 28 maybe even lower. twain at concord and morgan hill 32 at san jose and it drops into the upper 30's in san francisco which is a rarit rarity. 39 degrees. expected low here in the city. on we good to pacific satellite image that is shows one area departing and another the other way. we have suffered has but daisy it's sliding eastward pushing inland starting tomorrow. next bill ridge of high pressure coming in will continue to keep us dry and milder air right into the weekend. for tomorrow sunny skies once again but no increase in temperatures no significant increase tomorrow. see how in the middle 50's south bay and coupe tier 0. on the eye mainly in the mainly
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good. palo alto mount view low mid 50's on the coast, pacifica and a half moon bear 52 tomorrow in the upset district. mid upper 50's mainly mid 50' 50's. 55 novato petaluma, nap 56 at sonoma but 58 at santa rosa and cleaver dale. east bay 57 is as high reading. mid 50's in most other locations and the inland east bay even cooler with just a few location buy if you deny unlook it 58 is salinas. 53 watch go in santa cruz. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. see up to about 60 around the bay on wednesday then we get to the weekend low 60's low to mid 60's over the weekend. inland and on the post. so it's significantly mileer once the week end but we
12:21 am
have to suffer through animal. i'll be happily happy. >> were you warned. forty-niner fan gearing up for the championship game and singing in take a lack at the catch very ready for the game. early with the minder fever just sleeping all the niner photo van. host them these here on the screen and we are seeing some cold stuff. >> yes. larry here now. >> about one more geem and we go to the superbowl rest before the game. great run for the harbaugh family. how about brother and jim who could end facing even
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harbaugh 49ers against brother john harbaugh ravens. we are 2
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win away from that scenario. 49ers earned a spot in the championship game beating green bay 45-31 on saturday night. busy day if front of the television for harbaugh parents back in wisconsin watching their sons coach in the play offs and son inlaw indiana basketball team. >> indiana beat minnesota in a big basketball game and then they watched john's game and exciting thrilling winning game for the ravens and then our game. parents are in their 70's. >> excitement that's a lot of action and it's like going back-to-back to back like 3, 24 episode in a row. not easy. >>reporter: somebody has to tell coach that 24 wept off the air a few years ago. he's locked in. he's focused he's getting ready for the falcons. who beat seattle yesterday and they have home field advantage on sunday in the championship game. now it was a break through win for atlanta because
12:26 am
mike smith and ryan were 0 and 3 in the play offs together going in the game. falcons know they have their hands full with the niners. >> you watch them on tape. defensively the numbers are just off the chart and what they are capable of doing and watching them what they did offensively in the game on saturday night. they will get your attention real quick. >> no doubt. bob melvin looking forward to many more pie in the face moments in oakland. a's gave him a contract steption today 2 more years for manger of the year. melvin now under contract to the green gold for the 2016 season. he 51-year-old melvin guided the a's to stunning success last year winning the miles per hour league west crown against all odds. they agreed to one year teal with back up catcher george pit australian open watch serena williams at the top of the screen. leading. williams tweaks her ankle. goes down. in obvious pain. just rolled
12:27 am
the aching el there. serena was held to her court side chair. had the ankle heavily taped back out on the court and no problem. have beens to second round p.williams attempting to whip the third consecutive major title. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino oychlt even after getting taped up no problem. >> boom. >> she's psyched. >> thanks. >> up next. cat with the midas touch. >> more
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